Training Partners

City University of Seattle is a college partner to RapidAscent and our cybersecurity job simulator training program. RapidAscent offers both accelerated training and sponsored apprenticeships in support of CityU programs.

LBCC operates in Los Angeles County. The RapidAscent and LPCC partner in our job simulator cybersecurity training program. RapidAscent supports LBCC with sponsored apprenticeships operating with employers in the region.

The US Cyber Range offers its cost-effective cyber range to community colleges and high schools across the United States. RapidAscent partners with the USCR to provide pre-apprentice and apprenticeship programs for under-represented high school and community college learners. Long Beach City College - LBCC Proudly serving our community for nearly 80 years, we are dedicated to providing an excellent experience in a student-centered environment.